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Not working well in IE

Respected Sir/Madam,

My website name is www.nicitindia.com. I had add the widget of Feedback but it works fine in Mozial Firfox but not working well in IE 6 . I had also send the used code with attachment.

So I am requesting you do the needful or update the code i had send you in attachement.

Here I am sending the codes below.

Feedback feedback Powered by

Expecting your smart response.

Thanking you.

pkdash, 06.11.2010, 09:25
Idea status: under consideration


Evelina, 02.09.2011, 11:07
The problem is that you can not force your clients to use the latest version of IE...
I "solved" that issue by creating a link that links directly to the forum in new tab (and bypass the widget).
Techy123, 06.08.2020, 12:35
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