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Add the possibility to chane username

During registration I picked up a wrong username, I would like to change it to other one.

selector, 06.07.2010, 16:28
Response from the site administrator
useridea, 07.07.2010
Why not just create new account with new username and forget this one?
Idea status: completed


selector, 07.07.2010, 08:10
I will need to use a different email address to create new account. It would be also an option to delete current account and re-create new account with same email address. Hope you can consider to add possibility to change username. Thanks!
useridea, 08.07.2010, 09:35
Good points. We will.
useridea, 08.07.2010, 09:38
Suggestion - as "quick workaround". I can change email of "selector" user. So you will be able to create anbother account with this email.

do you want us to do so?
selector, 08.07.2010, 10:13
Great! Please, change current "@gmail.com" to "aleph-tec.com". Thanks!
useridea, 08.07.2010, 10:21

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