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official response in the widget

I don't understand why I can't see the official response I made in the widget too. I can see the comments alright. If I had to choose I'd rather it to be the opposite...

Can you guys tell me why in the widget on your homepage you decided that any click will bring users to http://useridea.idea.informer.com/
Is it for speed reasons ? Because there are already too many comments on ideas ?

Ideally I'd like my official response to appear directly in the widget then if users want to see comments redirect them to the geoquestour.idea.informer.com

geoquestour, 27.10.2010, 15:19

Show official response in widget

helpnetnu, 10.03.2011, 22:00
Response from the site administrator
useridea, 01.11.2010
Good idea.
Idea status: under consideration


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