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Invitations to add managers seems to never be sent

On http://cara-dojo.idea.informer.com when trying to add users as managers, they don't receive emails after 30+ mins. Tried with two different accounts multiple times, checked spam, nothing.

However, the current manager properly receives email notifications for new submitted ideas

gberche, 25.07.2013, 22:05
Response from the site administrator
iiVoice, 29.07.2013
Users have to be registered on Idea.Informer prior to be given a managing functions. Are they existent users or you're just adding e-mails of the future managers?
Idea status: in process


gberche, 27.08.2013, 21:04
thanks iVoice, with a registered user it worked fine. I kind of got confused with the "verify list" which did not complained about unknown users when specified as their unregistered email address.

I am trying to add a google group email address to be able to forward new ideas to a google group, but I seem to fall into the problem described at http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!searchin/gmail/forward$20to$20google$20groups/gmail/Kj-m5gyo3lg/3koTqie49ksJ i.e. idea.informer confirmation email is seen by google group as spam. Any suggestion on how to get this working would be greatly appreciated!

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