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Logo resizing

After uploading, the project logo can be only cut, not resized. It's not convenient at all.

nix, 24.08.2009, 10:53
Idea status: in process


Versus, 19.06.2011, 13:22
It's so easy to resize/cut it before uploading. It makes no sense to waste manhours on it. You do it once or twice per project.
magento2, 06.01.2016, 21:55
Not anyone is as tech-savvy to do that Versus.
E P, 12.03.2016, 01:30
Thanks for your help.
CarDetailer, 08.10.2019, 11:11
Its a good idea
micostan, 29.02.2020, 16:12
It easy to resize both on phone and desktop before uploading. For mobile get Picsart app then pick the image you want, resize and save thats all. You can then upload whats the point wasting you r data ?
Nochka, 20.03.2020, 20:16
Nartker, 14.02.2021, 17:31
i like that

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