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Make own categories

Have in the settings the ability to define own categories.

kurtjunsh, 24.09.2011, 04:15
Idea status: under consideration


moon_wizard, 22.01.2012, 07:26
Using this tool as a feature request list, we have 100+ requests. It makes it easier to assess the areas of the product to work on, if we could categorize the features into our own categories (individual games on our platform, main client, maps, developer tools, etc.)
Livia, 22.11.2012, 09:00
That kind of thnkinig shows you're on top of your game
AceMcCloud, 15.05.2020, 02:03
I wouldn't want own Categories, as Categories are Idea, Problem, Testimonial, Question currently, this is fine, unless there was anything else people wanted?

What I would like is to be able to divide these up by "Topics" or whatever you wish to call them.

Essentially, keywords you can define that create sub areas, so instead of just a single top 5, you can see a top 5 questions for a, and a top 5 ideas for b.

These could be modes of a game, or areas of a business, etc.

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