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Multilingual website

I have some projects in Russian, so it would be great if your website had an Russian version

nix, 24.08.2009, 09:49


Does IdeaInformer support multilang website?

kurapika6020, 21.07.2011, 13:07

Translate to Spanish

It's a no-go for us!

Periko, 11.11.2010, 02:22
Response from the site administrator
useridea, 24.08.2009
At present, the project is aimed at the English audience, but if we get many requests for the multilingual version of the service, we will satisfy the demands.
Idea status: completed


lukoie, 10.09.2009, 12:55
Use reformal.ru instead. It is the same project, but in russian!
Dmitry, 20.12.2009, 09:54
Hi lukoie, you think Eng + Rus is enough?

I still need German version of UI, 'couse "Leave feedback" button confusing most german users. Instead it's better to show something like "Ihre Meinung" or smth. else.
mutyonok, 09.04.2010, 17:55
i guess you can change the button via css
asshu, 25.05.2010, 13:43
How ?Where do I edit the CSS?
asshu, 25.05.2010, 13:45
I w'd like to edit the full interface and localize it.
avonet, 12.08.2010, 21:30
yep, I would gladly do the same... I am also offering Czech and Slovak localization for this project (ofc. for free).
asshu, 12.08.2010, 22:30
But the Informer team is not ready to accept any favors from us (:
useridea, 13.08.2010, 11:01
Localization has been included in our plans. However, priorities are unclear yet.
useridea, 23.11.2010, 14:43
We are actually moving closer to this stage at the moment, so if you are still ready to help please let us know via our mail - idea at informer.com
Thank you!
selector, 06.07.2010, 16:21
please, consider to add Spanish
Merlyn Moreno, 19.07.2010, 02:22
Hi, I would like it too (spanish version).
spotlight, 02.08.2010, 06:14
I agree . about language and interface.i.e : persian language . if it is possible
recymobilier, 10.08.2010, 00:13
Here in Quebec, it is a law that we use prominently French in our website and promotional material if we target the local audience.

I don't need you to translate the applet, but give us the option to change "I suggest you…" "Top five ideas" "All ideas" and "Search" fields.
luca, 07.09.2010, 15:33
possebon, 14.09.2010, 12:36
I could help you on Portuguese translation (Brazilian and Portugal)
possebon, 14.09.2010, 12:36
I could help you on Portuguese translation (Brazilian and Portugal)
useridea, 16.09.2010, 11:14
Ok, thank you. We will open this workitem in September (after completion of currently active ones).
kurt, 02.10.2010, 06:53
I could help you on Italian translation.

PS: ideascale let users customize every piece of text through a detailed (but a bit complex) interface: http://support.ideascale.com/faqs/ideascale-setup/ideascale-translation
useridea, 23.11.2010, 14:42
Your help will be greatly appreciated!
If you are still willing to help us with translation, please send your contact info on idea at informer.com, we'll discuss the most convenient way to do it.
cordoval, 03.10.2010, 04:27
I need it in spanish too, please make it open source and use http://www.transifex.net/ for open source translation
khommon, 19.10.2010, 14:36
Another request for an Italian localization. I'll will offer my free contribute too.
useridea, 23.11.2010, 14:39
Thank you, we'll introduce localization pretty soon. If you are still willing to help, please write us on idea at informer.com, and we'll discuss it.
fotografiasi, 12.11.2010, 20:47
When can we get a Romanian version? Thank you! If you need help with this please let me know.
useridea, 23.11.2010, 14:39
We'll definitely need your help. Please write us your contact info on idea at informer.com
Thank you!
createmyassistant, 04.12.2010, 16:43
I can help you with french
AntonioGraca, 19.12.2010, 10:00
It's a good idea to allow the configuration of the module, change the text according to language. For example: "Top five ideas", "All ideas","Give Feedback", "Add" and "Search" fields.
Markos, 11.01.2011, 05:30
Spanish please consider, there is a large audience waiting for this support.
itamar, 21.02.2011, 07:32
Hebrew translation - its a no ho for us, we can help with the translation ,
if you could send me a file we will fill it for you

a must :)

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