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how do you guys keep the service free?

Hi I'm just wondering how you guys can run the servers and everything and keep this service free.
Kindest regards

jack , 25.08.2011, 15:09

FAQ entry 'costs to create a project' needs more information

The FAQ says:

How much does it cost to create a new project on Idea Informer?
It is absolutely free.

That's nice, but what about in the future.
Somehow I doubt you're working on this website just for fun.
At some point it will no longer "absolutely free" for everyone and under all circumstances.
That's just how these things go in this world.

So, maybe go into that.
Just "It is absolutely free." doesn't really cover everything people need to know.

Bond, James, 15.09.2011, 03:25
Response from the site administrator
iiVoice, 04.01.2012
Idea.Informer, first of all, is a great area for us to embody and work out some of our solutions, that will later find an appliance in commercial development (or become a single custom-project on the basis of our service).
Everything definitely goes well, we assure you; the elaboration of our project is in no danger. We are not going to "shut down", "remove" or "cut" the free part of the service as so as choke it up with advertisement.
Idea.Informer is free and will remain free in the future.
Idea status: under consideration


jasperisu, 20.12.2014, 16:25
hi there,

your free app is great.

However, i like to whitelabel everything i use to implement in projects, which seems not possible in your service.
I'd gladly pay for such options.
stan, 18.10.2015, 03:20
You deserve high accolades for being one of the "good guys". With so many white/black hats in rip-off mode, it speaks volumes that you're on the good guys side.
thnx much,
jovasev, 22.06.2016, 02:21
Amazing application, would gladly pay for white label option.
Well done guys, thanks for the hard work!
qwerty1234, 25.02.2020, 14:18
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