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Logo Re-Design

I like the idea of this website. However the logo is crying for a designer to get upgraded!

Jack , 08.08.2010, 08:29

not have such an evil-looking logo- bad vibes

I like the clean monochromatic look of your website overall. And I am an advocate of clean contemporary design. (I'm a UX designer). But it took me about 10 minutes and multiple views before I ever perceived: Is that supposed to be a light-bulb filament inside there -- indicative of an idea formation inside of a thought balloon?

If so, sorry to day it is a terrible failure -- and I am not using that lazy, overused cliche word "fail" -- which is hyperbolically applied to way too many things in life. I am in this case saying that from this user's perspective it is a very bad logo design that did not present a friendly vibe upon first, second, third, fourth, fift, and so on down to about 10th read -- until i wondered -- is that supposed to be a filament?

There is a difference between elegant subtlety and a failure to properly communicate: this is the latter. On first read it loked like a cat, a devil's face, something dark and sinister, a mad scientist --- it's just very unfriendly and repellant.

In addition, it scales very poorly. Right now, you have a "beta-testing" notification with the logo at 50% its main-usage size, and it's a blurry mess. That's a terrible way to develop a brand identity, especially if embedding into other sites.

So, if you are in the same category space, or partially in same category space as Get Satisfaction, my suggestion is you have a completely new design round on logo development. I don't mean tweek. I mean reject the current one for all reasons presented, and come up with something better that is friendly, clear, that scales well even at smaller sizes. :)

good luck. because there is a lot to like here so far, and i am only just starting to explore.

quicksite, 10.10.2010, 10:02
Idea status: under consideration


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