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Better anonymous users authentication

As far as I can see anonymous users are authenticated via cookies. So if I vote for an idea once as anonymous and then delete my browser cookies I am able to vote again. This compromises the whole voting idea.
Suggestion: use IP-based anonymous users recognition. If there are many users behind NAT they can register accounts and be able to vote anyway.

Ivan , 04.05.2011, 07:40
Idea status: under consideration


Metta, 05.09.2011, 02:45
Or, restrict comments to only people who have registered.
anon, 11.10.2011, 10:09
I guess, for most users it is even easier to change their IP (resart their router) than to delete their cookies.
axl, 11.10.2012, 13:50
practically, why would someone vote repeatedly.
However, I agree with the above comments...its better to restrict comments only to registered users.
Ryan Fligg, 28.03.2014, 10:43
I agree.

We have several users that "stuff the ballot box" when voting for ideas to be implemented on our software development roadmap. If a user really wants an idea implemented then they will vote many times for it and even recruit other members of their team, friends and family to up vote an idea. The whole point of voting is to get an idea of how much the "community" needs the feature.

We currently use UserVoice and their system restricts voting to registered users and each user only has 10 votes, so they have to vote wisely. it would be nice if the admin could set the number of votes to be variable but they have not done that yet.

Ideally we would like a system where we can have the following in regards to voting.

1) Only people we approve can vote (or registered users). We want to approve one person per customer
2) Anyone can view ideas, including anonymous (you already have this)
3) We can set the number of votes the users get to use on each project.


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