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fix the design

upon creating a new project, I have modified it so that it shows the design I want, it works when I click on the preview button, but after saving it, when I click on the project link, it takes me to the standard/stock unformatted design. I go back to the design tab and all of my settings are still there. How do I make them show on the actual page?

aalvarez, 20.07.2010, 22:35
Response from the site administrator
useridea, 08.11.2010
Custom design feature should be used together with domain feature. In other words, please go to "Domain" tab in project setting and change it to your subdomain (it requires CNAME changes).

We will make this feature available soon for standard domain as well.

Idea status: under consideration


bidagig, 04.11.2010, 19:07
I have the same issue as described here, please advise I have just created a project and would like to have it reflect the colors of my site. Thanks
Hackadelic, 12.03.2011, 07:33
*Sigh* still not working for standard domains :-(
bidagig, 04.07.2011, 15:44
Can we get some additional information on how to make this work. I have setup a subdomain on my site feedback.domain.com where I am pointing to in the domain tab but can't get it to display at all. Some documentation on how to do this with cpanel might be useful to some of us.
alvarez, 19.07.2011, 01:20
"We will make this feature available soon for standard domain as well. "

That response was a year ago... any update on this? What's the progress look like/when can we expect it for the standard domain? It shouldn't be that hard to implement...
useridea, 20.07.2011, 09:16
We are working on a major upgrade right now. You can expect it very soon. We are very sorry for the delay but we assure you that we are doing our best to bring you the best service!

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