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nice nice nice very nice indeed

allam , 17.01.2011, 11:31

very nice

Jayanth, 02.08.2011, 10:21

Here's an idea

I like the format of this tool.

illbe anonymous, 31.07.2011, 02:59

Thank you - this is perfect for my site

Thank you so much guys for a great product.

I've implemented it on my site at www.bloodpressurehigh.com and it looks great and works very well indeed. I'd tried the free version of getsatisfaction previously but gave up because the interface was far too cluttered.

I love the simplicity of what Idea Informer does and love the way it does it.

Great work.
I'll be using it on more sites shortly.

Doctor Gordon Cameron

DoctorCameron, 09.04.2011, 10:41

great work done

You did a great job

Jawad, 08.04.2011, 14:58

very good site

adaptivemarketing, 06.04.2011, 12:07

oh yeah

nice work

mike, 01.02.2011, 04:16


anita, 25.01.2011, 19:31
Idea status: in process


PokerEduManager, 10.01.2012, 07:49
Liking it very much too. Thanks guys.
rubo77, 16.07.2012, 17:08
maybe you should add a spam protection too

or a functionality to mark spam posts

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