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The registration of users should not be obligatory

There should be two sets of options in project settings:

Who adds ideas:
1. Reformal's registered users.
2. Registered users of my web-site.
3. All users.

1. Premoderation
2. Postmoderation

I will explain item 2: Registered users of my web-site.
Add following parameters to the code of a widget: user_name, user_session_start, user_check_code

Of course, this implies generating the same parameters on the server itself.

For example:

The session time is determined in admin's settings of a web-site
The correctness of a username is checked there as well.

Users authorised via my web-site can add ideas and comments only to my project and appear in the following way: "project name > user name".

pooper, 24.08.2009, 10:07
Idea status: completed


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