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I'd like to be able to vote against an idea also !

At the moment, you can only vote for (in favor of) an idea, but it would be nice to be able to vote negatively too.

Hector Noriega R. , 13.07.2010, 04:13

Add option for negative votes

It would be good to have an option for people to vote against an idea - not to take a point away from the vote score, but maybe a separate score to keep count of the negative votes...

aaisp, 15.10.2010, 16:21

be able to vote against an idea

We should be able to vote down ideas we don;t like.

wjack2010, 17.07.2010, 22:53
Response from the site administrator
useridea, 20.07.2011
This feature is scheduled. Wait for updates!
Idea status: in process


disturbing, 07.12.2010, 07:06
I'm amazed why this isn't done yet???
Hackadelic, 01.02.2011, 09:43
This is a great service, and a down-voting feature will definitely round it up. Perhaps it'd be nice if the project admin can switch it on or off from the dashboard project-wise.

Is there any chance this can be implemented soon?
bob, 11.01.2012, 17:39
I want to be able to vote against this idea
animamea, 22.02.2012, 11:25
is it possible to vote down?
Marcus, 05.10.2012, 08:46
I don't think this is a good idea but I can't see anywhere to be able to vote against it....
Jason, 22.02.2013, 20:48
I'd like to rate this comment +1. where is that button?
Hec, 13.04.2013, 10:44
I'd really love to vote against this idea, but there isn't a button for it yet !
Zachary Knight, 14.04.2013, 22:56
Actually seems like a horrible idea. You would just have people voting down every idea that they don't want prioritized...doesn't anyone understand how humans think?

NOT voting for an idea IS a vote against! Can anyone offer an actual explanation as to why one would need a "tug of war"?

At least make sure this option can be turned off by admin.
Ca, 30.01.2014, 01:14
This actually makes a lot of sense... I hope that it is an option that we can have in the future !
Rod, 20.02.2015, 21:15
Why don't you try something revolutionary?
It would be nice to just say OK to the idea to flag those that you've seen. It shows up ideas that you've read and considered in the overview.
So what about +2, +1 , 0, -1 and -2 allowing five points of feed back.
Excellent, Good, OK, Bad, Poor.
jo, 17.08.2016, 01:14
you should suggest that seperately I'd love that idea
dtggfh, 25.12.2020, 09:30
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