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Email address problems

This is feedback via our feedback page!

The ideas site does not accept e-mail addresses which contain plus symbols in the local part.

Worse than that, having wrongly assessed my valid e-mail address as invalid, it then throws me back to the data entry page, but all the text I spent the last 5 minutes writing has now disappeared!

...Round where I live, we know no better than to consult RFC5322, which is only the normative standard which defines what constitutes a valid e-mail address.

aaisp, 24.11.2010, 09:28
Idea status: scheduled


William Blunn, 24.05.2011, 05:37
Er, guys, this is an "absolute" bug, i.e. it is obvious, repeatable, provable, with a normative reference (RFC5322) explaining why you are wrong.

I reported it MONTHS ago, and it should be a five-minute job to fix it.

Can you fix it now please?

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