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Unable to submit idea

Here's a video of the issue in the Fantasy Grounds list. When trying to enter the idea, the Add button doesn't work.

moon_wizard, 29.03.2016, 20:04
Response from the site administrator
iiVoice, 01.03.2017
Hi everyone!

Could you please confirm if you're still having troubles with this one?

We've made some fixes and everything should be working just fine.

PS: Thanks for your support and reports!
Idea status: in process


moon_wizard, 29.03.2016, 20:05
Note, I wasn't able to submit this issue via Chrome browser. I had to switch to the Edge browser to submit. Perhaps a clue?
Zhakathoom, 28.02.2017, 12:38
Thank goodness I'm not the only one having this issue. I can't add a new idea from any browser or system.
My first idea submitted just fine, but then it stopped working and the Add button just does nothing. Had to have Moon_Wizard to add my ideas.

- Z
Zhakathoom, 01.03.2017, 15:37
I just tried adding an idea on my phone/chrome and it now works for me.


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