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Social media platform for students and their notes

social media website for students. Students will share their revision notes, flashcards, mind maps, and other study resources that they use. These are then tagged with different categories eg the exam board, subject and qualification level. Other students can browse and search through the study materials uploaded, to find ones that are relevant to them. These materials along with the student who uploads them will gain some sort of reward to motivate them to create more study materials. Inturn benefiting both them and other students. This will also be a very useful tool for students who want to see how other students in the same shoes as them revise and organise both themselves and their work. Giving them that knowledge that they can use to improve the quality of their work.

although there may be many websites for this. you either have to pay for the revision notes or these notes a geared towards university students. As a result these websites feel more like a search engine for notes rather than a comprehensive academic profile of the students they are for. Which is what I am trying to achieve.

Tucker , 18.02.2016, 22:28
Idea status: under consideration


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